Monday, 12 December 2011

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

The video for a Fleet Foxes song, making use of animation in a very interesting way. Similarly to work by Saul Bass and so on it uses paper cut outs, however this uses them in a much different way.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Undisclosed Desires After Effects

Dark Knight Kinetic Typography

Sopranos Title Sequence - Kinetic Type

Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence

The title sequence for the film 'catch me if you can', a relatively modern film opening yet with a very similar aesthetic to the much older openings by Saul Bass.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World - title sequence by Saul Bass

More motion graphics by Saul Bass this time with colour...

Saul Bass title sequence - Anatomy of a murder (1959)

Some really amazing motion graphics by Saul Bass, and despite how long ago this was produced it's still a really interesting and effective piece of motion graphics.

Stewie Griffin - Kinetic Type

Queens of the Stone Age kinetic type

Feeling Good, Nina Simone

Kinetic type for Nina Simone's 'feeling good', although some parts of this I feel could be improved there are some really interesting techniques and examples of kinetic type in this video that I think are worth looking at.

Casino Royale Opening (Best Audio)

Probably one of my favourite examples of motion graphics for the introduction to a film. I think this may be down to the music aswell, but as a whole I think this is an amazing opening sequence for a film.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Research for randomised words // Disperse & drop

20 words.  
> Distribute
> Spreads 
> Dissipate 
> Dispel
> Disband 
> Diffuse 
> Scatter 
> Dissolve 
> Broadcast
> Split
> Fade 
> Melt 
> Disseminate
> Away
> Break up 
> Divide 
> Separate
> Circulate 
> Refract 
> Colloidal
> Migration
> Leave 
> Strew 
> Sprinkle 
> Disject 
> Decentralise 
> Bomb
> Evanesce 
> Fleet 
> Pass 
> Dust 

Meanings or interpretations. 
> from the latin word 'dispergere' meaning ' to scatter'
> Distribute or spread over a wide area.
> Denoting a phase dispersed in another phase.
> Cause to go in different directions.
> To different destinations
> To occur or be found at intervals, rather than together
> A scattering that completely breaks up a mass or assemblage and spreads its units far and wide
> To scatter or drive away something that obscures, confuses or bothers. 
> To lessen the intensity of something by spreading it over a broader area. 
> To break up or cause to separate 
> To thin out and disappear 
> Cause to become widely known.

20 Objects 
> Grenade 
> Gun 
> baton 
> riot shield 
> tear gas 
> dog 
> the queen 
> bomb 
> smoke 
> fog 
> cloud 
> leaf blower 
> fish 
> lawn mower 
> rubbish 
> pigeons 
> police sign 
> riot police 
> horse 
> spray can/compressor 
> dust cloud 
> star 
> black hole 

20 situations 
> dispersing a crowd 
> dispersing rays of light in a prism 
> spreading a rumour 
> Tv broadcasting 
> dispersing particles 
> 'disperse', christian rock band. 
> using tear gas to disperse protestors 
> A storm dispersing seeds 
> the act of organisms moving from one habitat to another 
> the wind dispersing fog
> running at a flock of pigeons
> jumping into water 
> blowing dust/salt/particulates 
> using a spray can nozzle 
> explosion 
> dust cloud in space being dispersed 
> death of a star
> fart 
> jumping in a puddle 
> throwing hundreds and thousands 

20 words.  
> Fall
> Deliver 
> Score 
> Take
> Sink
> Collapse 
> Die 
> Slope 
> Lower 
> Weaken 
> Less 
> Abandon 
> Discontinue 
> Discard 
> Exclude 
> Unload 
> Set down 
> Lose 
> Medicine 
> Lozenge 
> Hiding 
> Blob 
> Bead 
> Drip 
> Rugby
> Give birth 

> Drugs 
> Mention
> Mishandle 
> Dubstep 
> Skateboarding 
> Stance 
> Hint 
> Letter 
> Phonecall 
> Advantage 
> Drink 
> Liquid 
> Pear 
> Fighting 
> Sleep 
> Reject 
> Sag
> Decline 
> Descent 
> Spherical 
> Espionage 
> Pendant
> Globule 
> Dive 
> Parachute 
> Drop Zone 
> Gallows 
> Diminish
> Quit 
> Droop

Meanings or interpretations. 
> A very small quantity of liquid 
> Liquid medicine
> A limited amount of an alcoholic beverage 
> an act or instance of dropping ; fall 
> a steep slope 
> a decline in amount, degree, quality or value etc. 
> a small, usually spherical sweet 
> lozenge 
> a central depository where items are left 
> A predesignated place where secret letters or packages can be left to be collected by another person
> something resembling or likened to a liquid globule 
> a pendant 
> a descent by parachute 
> an instance of dropping supplies by parachute 
> something that drops or is used for dropping 
> gallows 
> to fall in globules or small portions as water or other liquid
> to come to an end ; cease 
> to withdraw or quit 
> to ingest an illicit substance orally ; swallow 
> to fall wounded  ; dead 
> to fall or move to a position lower, farther back 
> to pass or enter into some condition without effort 
> to make an unexpected or unplanned stop at a place. \

20 objects 
> pear drops 
> DJ / dubstep music 
> tears 
> parachute
> liquid 
> medicine 
> pipette 
> rugby ball 
> leaf 
> drop crotch trousers 
> earrings 
> drop bears 
> bomb 
> jenga 
> Kerplunk 
> mouse trap 
> rubbish 
> blood 
> satellite 
> buttered toast 
> cat 
> cake 

20 situations 
> bungee jump 
> falling over 
> dripping tap
> being dropped from the football team 
> drop kick 
> rugby drop goal 
> falling from a building 
> drinking a drop too much alcohol 
> raining 
> dropping or failing to catch a ball 
> crying 
> voice dropping 
> using small amounts of a liquid 
> dropping a glass 
> dropping food down your front 
> dropping a beat
> dropping from a plane on a parachute 
> dropping acid 
> playing jenga badly 
> dropping everything you have planned 
> playing kerplunk or mouse trap and failing 
> nose bleed 
> toast falling butter side down

Monday, 21 November 2011

Ross gunter - John Rocha

Task 4 - Specialist production & definitions.
Ross Gunter 
John Rocha

Business cards for John Rocha by Ross Gunter, a designer who I have posted on my blog on a few occasions. very simplistic, with no in applied to the front surface of the cards, only debossed type. Which I think even for non-designers would create intrigue and make it more tactile. The back is then very simply laid out type in two colurs with a difference in type weight for emphasis.

Tsto - Camino branding

Task 4 - Specialist production & definitions.
Camino branding

Very minimal branding by Tsto created almost entirely around a debossing stamp, that creates a relief of the logo, giving the effect that it stands off the page. This comes on an envelope, letterhead and business card and it is a handy size to fit them all nicely. The clean typographic layout accompanying this stamp really accentuates it. Nice!

Generation Press - Not for Commercial Use

Task 4 - Specialist production & definitions.
Generation Press
Not for Commercial use.

Series of prints by generation press under the name 'not for commercial use'. I really love these, and they were as suggested, not used commercially, they were simply wheat pasted around cities with the idea of making things look nicer. I think this would work. really nicely designed and printed.

Generation Press

Task 4 - Specialist production & definitions.
Generation Press 

Really nice indentity by Generation Press produced on an edge printed stock in what looks like recycled board/paper. Brilliant use of colour, matching the edge of the stock to other items of stationary and applying the embossed and foil blocked logo simply throughout. Beautiful.