Monday, 25 April 2011

Colour conditions.

A series of images from a Calender by Jonathan Davies relating the time of year to the weather and the conditions to certain colours. I think this is a really cool idea.

Repeat magazine.

 More really nice spreads, this time from a magazine called repeat designed for a college project

Designmonat graz...

Here is a series of spreads from a magazine created for an Austrian design festival. I like this, I think they are quite bold and use really interesting methods in the presentation of the entire project.

Urban Outfitters music...

These  are a series of very simple designs for urban outfitters website to go with music that plays on the website. A really nice idea to combine design music and fashion in one motion to involve as many people as possible. Although these pieces are placed on a clothes website I think they will be appreciated because of how current they are, they almost seem to follow the trends in clothing with design. I also like the use of one colour to keep them consistent despite their purpose to show a number of artists. These would only be seen digitally and I think its a nice way to improve their website...

Volta magazine

 Here are spreads from a magazine called 'Volta', I really like these spreads and love how they differ in stock & style frequently but still retain a coherent piece of editorial design.

Jazz journal 09

Here are some spreads and a few detailed photos of the layouts from a jazz journal. This was a newspaper sized publication with a very similar take on its layout and also the grid used. However I think this is a really brilliantly composed layout throughout and it is altogether a really nice piece of editorial design...despite not being able to read it.This is particualarly interesting in that it is very centrally laid out, with a very small gutter width and large borders around the edges of the body text.