Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mad men.

titles for the TV series Mad men. Making use of really simple and bold imagery set to music with some great animation.

Sound sync

thought this video shows really brilliant use of sound and motion working together.

Type and image - macro universe

Really nice simple type applied to some moving image beautifully. Relevant to my animation in the use of type along with subtle movement and image.

Vanishing point.

Really cool animation making use of simple shapes and form moving throughout with some fairly complex motions. Again set to music really well.
same guy...

Crazy video review.

Still animation.

really brilliant animation with a basically still image. Espcially like the animation from day to night, and feel that this is probably quite difficult to achieve.


despite being in German, and not being able to understand any of this animation at all. There are some techniques in this video that give a really professional finish to the video, such as the use very slight movements after something has moved to give it a more natural feel.

AMD conference opening.

video for the opening of a conference by the same designer as the last video. Really nice use of type, and line to create an effective animation.


A really brilliant piece of animation making use of type set almost perfectly to music.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Not the most technical or innovative of works but relevant to my subject matter and fits quite well with the song, transitions are Ok and movement is too, if not a little fast. Hopefully the three dimensional element of my title sequence will give it a little more of an aesthetic edge.

particular motion test


Nike hyper speed

Another great video with some really advanced 3-dimensional animation this time. Really interesting use of cameras, colour and moving form to create an eye catching ident.

Interesting Imagery

Imagery I think similar in colour etc to those I've used in my animation, however these are images of space and not guitarists under live lighting conditions. Nice use of z-space and fog/cloud like effects, something I've also included in mine.

Trapcode Particular effects.

Some really awesome particulate effects

Insane Particulate effects from trapcode two. Could be real.

particle tests
Particle type

DVD packaging.

Bizerte Book and packaging
Roman krikheli

Some interesting packaging design that follows an aesthetic used for a book cover from the same project. Nice use of visual consistency and a very strong contemporary feel to the design. Feel this could be a nice direction for my packaging, keeping it contemporary and bold, like the type used throughout my motion graphics.

University of Dayton

A bit of publicity for a university that makes use a really well produced video. Some really simple yet interesting illustration combined with photographic images to give a montage effect.

Good idea

Here is a video that I think is from last years second years and it contains some really nice imagery and techniques. One of the techniques I was specifically looking at one technique used where a circle is formed from particles and there's movement in the particles etc. This was something I was interested in for my silent movie brief for the word disperese, however it relates as a video to my top ten sequence.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

F5 ethos video.

Fairly complicated animation however it come across as fairly simple, the aesthetic is also one of simple type and minimal illustrations that come together to create the final piece. Really well produced video, with natural feel to the movements of the type etc.

Re:play festival.

Really nice animation, making use of a really simple montage like aesthetic and very basic movement, coming together to create something really effective. I think the style it's done in adds to the humorous element of the video. Although not a style of animation I'll use it's something to take into account. A different way of achieving a similar thing.