Thursday, 24 May 2012


Wire design 
Beyond Big Type 
Signange & print collateral 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stockholm Design Lab

Stockholm Design Lab
Moderna Museet 
Promotion and exhibition environments

Above are some really interesting graphics for an exhibition by Stockholm Design Lab and although I think that most of the examples of the graphics in the environment are photoshopped there is still are really great idea of how they will look in context. I'm unsure as to what this exhibition is about however I think that the abstract shapes used in the promotional material are really eye catching, and the use of these throughout the printed material really gives the material a nice visual consistency.

Promotional material and environmental design for the Moderna Museet. Interesting choice of typeface for the museum logotype, however I think it works really well and seems to have been applied really effectively throughout the exhibitions and promotion. The artistic brush aesthetic of the logo compliments the other faces used, and is relevant to the subject to which it is being applied, a museum. I particularly like the photographs showing the things they've applied the logo to, such as a toothbrush and a balloon. These aren't necessarily things that would be sold or seen within the museum, but show nicely how the face can be applied effectively to almost anything.

Triboro - N/A Identity

N/A Identity 
print collateral and web

This identity caught my eye whilst browsing Triboro's website and I'm not entirely sure why. I think the official appearace of the business cards and stationary work really nicely and surprisingly, translate really well to web. I also like how the website makes use of much bolder, photographic imagery to contrast the feel created by the stationary. I also think that the changeable nature of the business cards could be really interesting, they look to me as if they are created using a stamp, which could be changed should any details need to be changed, it's nice that there are also variations of business cards, so you'd feel more special receiving one...


Red Shift Film Festival 
web presence, publication & mail-out 

Identity for a film festival, with a really nice name that has been dealt with visually really nicely. Although very simple, the use of the reflective and slightly holographic surface of a CD has been used nicely to contextualise the name. Then a pattern has been created which has then been applied to the branding in both a violet shade and tones of black to equal effect. Although there's not a huge range of product here, it's interesting to see the use of visuals throughout with differing colour ways that still work just as effectively.

Dia 2011
Invitation to Dia art foundation annual gala

AIGA 50/50
Exhibition design and publication