Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A2 type.

A2 type
A2-Type is a type foundry set up by the London based design studio A2/SW/HK

A2 type is a part of A2/SW/HK studio, which focuses specifically on the development of typefaces aside from their work for clients. Again a foundry with a really nicely presented website, that showcases the fonts really nicely. Find it really interesting that they split their client based design work and font based design up into two sections.

Commercial type foundry

 Commercial type foundry

Commercial type is a foundry set up in 2004 creating retail typefaces. I think the thing I found most interesting when looking was their website. With a really interesting tile layout, which changes on a loop showcasing their fonts an creating really interesting gradients as the bars change. Could be something to bear in mind for form and writing as I think this showcases the fonts really well.

Monday, 15 October 2012

'72 olympics catalogue.

'72 olympics 
Merchandise catalogue 

Feature on the '72 Munich olympics in Creative Review. Layouts making interesting use of a grid system throughout for the merchandise catalogue. Narrow margins and columns allow for the full page to be utilized for the layouts. Could be an interesting direction to go with typografie, staying true to modernist design principles.

Creative Review


Vitsoe Archive
1976: Production and office files

Very simple layouts for Vitsoe stationary, showing the importance and effective use of colour as a communication device within their identity.

1969: German interiors magazine

Really nice simple layouts in a very modernist style. Making use of an obvious grid and simple sans serif type synonymous with modernist graphic design. I think the majority of the ideas from this identity put function over form, and focus on how well it communicates whilst maintaining  a clean and concise aesthetic.

Vitsoe tumblr

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Graphic design : history in the writing

Occasional papers
Graphic design : history in the writing

Really interesting minimalistic book cover by occasional papers making use of many techniques of the Swiss Modernists in a contemporary fashion.  Notably the us of the three main geometric forms as well as only one colour and a sans serif typeface. I really like this as a minimalist interpretation of fairly complicated subject matter.

Occasional Papers