Sunday, 29 January 2012

Animated alphabet

Willy Wonka Kinetic type

interesting use of a combination of image and type both in motion. Not sure on the choice of type or colour scheme but it's a technique that could be really interesting applied slightly differently.

1 A.M.

Another use of really simple typography working brilliantly with video to create an effective piece of motion graphics. Some interesting techniques of using type in this particular video.

They are out there

Another really simple use of type, this time with much more motion of the type itself to create a really effective short informational video.

Letterpress motion graphics

Really nice use of fairly simple after effects techniques like motion tracking to create a really nice intructional video about letterpress. Type in this is really simple, not taking away from the quality of the image yet still remaining clear enough to add to the video.

Nice Reels.

Moviebox ident

really interesting ident for a program called moviebox, based around animating small pieces from movies using the shape of a box. Really nice use of 3 dimensional imagery and nicely considered visuals.