Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Big Ideas: Don't get any - Radiohead cover by James Houston

Penguin Books... Ian Fleming 007.

This is a series of classic penguin book covers created for Ian Flemings 007 series. These particular covers make use a very simple layout focusing on the element of the Bond stories that brings in a lot of fans, The bond girls. Placing the type straight onto illustrated bond girls...

Pelican book covers...

Here are a few examples of some classic pelican book covers which make use of really simple layouts and imagery to get across their message. For example there is one book called 'the divided self' which makes use of a series of circles which cross... looking as if they all came from one, and there is a series using this same technique. Really clever and simple design.

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

This is a really awesome video for Radioheads 'Street spirit', directed by Jonathan Glazer, who said, "That was definitely a turning point in my own work. I knew when I finished that, because they found their own voices as an artist, at that point, I felt like I got close to whatever mine was, and I felt confident that I could do things that emoted, that had some kind of poetic as well as prosaic value."

I love this video because of it use of really simple imagery yet when you look closer there is a huge amount of detail in each scene.

Si Scott...

 These two portray Si Scotts style of illustration and choice of imagery really nicely. He looks a lot at the texture and shapes created by wildlife, which he then brings into his typographic layouts and all other design. His style of illustration I think is really impressive...

Magomed Dovjenko - "thinking negative can be useful"

Here is some really simple designs created using a mixture of photoshop editing of type and layering hand rendered images. Think it really nicely gets across the point.

Magomed Dovjenko again...

These are some more of Magomed Dovjenkos illustrations, these ones focusing in much more on the hand rendered element... looking at the really nice line quality he has created and every little detail of his illustrations.

Magomed Dovjenko, "Proof7"

This is a piece of illustration, presumably done by hand then traced into illustrator which I think is really brilliant. Very similar to the work of Si Scott due to him being one of Magomeds main influences. I think this is a really good example of how detail makes this piece. Without the liquid effects and differences in tone etc, it would just be a 7 and a P, however the illustrator has used this brilliantly to make some nicely detailed letterforms.

Wax:on flier.

This is another photo of a flier. This one I quiet like because of the really nice feel created in the style of the illustration, almost like story book. Which is then mixed with digital elements like photographs and manipulation to create what I think is a nice flier.

Topshop flier

This is a Topshop flier that I picked up which, although not particularly special or interesting, it looks like the letters on it are printed by hand in a workshop or have been really crudely cut and placed on an orange backdrop.

Friday, 22 October 2010


 Here are some images and a bit of blueprints identity. A skateboarding company with some really nice design, often very much based on graffiti art, such as the spray heart logos above on the boards. Really simple yet fit perfectly with the styles associated with skating and will be perfect for the target audience.

Inspiration pad

These are some pages from a book called inspiration pad. It is basically a note pad in which the designer has changed the layout of the page, taking lined paper in a whole new way. Again really simple but it has some really interesting effects.

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth...

Here is a series of typographic illustrations thats I think are brilliant. really nice and detailed illustration with clear messages.

Storm Thorgerson

Here are some of Storm Thorgerson's photos which are always really surreal. Although dark side of the moon is a brilliantly designed album cover and doesn't really follow the rest of his work, its just so simple and works so well. although the concepts behind his photos for album art aren't always obvious, I think it is the small details and the great lengths that he goes, to get these right that make his photos.