Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Concept development images.

Related to the round the world boat race that I thought was relevant to the feeling of being able to do anything.

Branding for Nike, which gives the message, 'just do it' a nice slogan in a similar vain to my concept I think. This implies that you should just go and do it, without being afraid, giving you the feeling you can do anything 

A few images I thought were relevant to the theme of exploration, something that takes a lot of belief and amount of confidence in you abilities to achieve. 

Some branding for the American Association of Suicidology, a free service provided to those suffering from depression. Perhaps it's relevant to the feeling of not being able to do anything...

 Branding for a risk assessment company, I imagine that these would be the people that don't like people confidence in their abilities to do anything.

Harry Houdini is a person that probably believed he could do anything, and successfully convinced a lot of people the same. This is some branding making use of his initials and images related to him.

Some branding and imagery for various forms of spinach or spinach selling companies. The top two are for a greek food specialist, with a signature dish of spinach pie, the next is a logo for irradiated spinach, supposedly this is the best way to remove bacteria and so on. Finally is some illustration which I thought was quite interesting. Spinach was a product I thought portrayed a feeling that you could do anything because of Pop-eyes influence on its effect.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Delicious paper

Some examples of a few publications that I think are really splendid, love the layouts, especially the variation in position and direction. This refers to the second from bottom, in which the entire layout has been turned on its side, in turn, the magazine will have to be turned on its side too. Which is a clever little trick to help the reader engage a little more.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Bespoke ident

Corporate identity for 'bespoke' really simple and intriguing logo leads the rest of the branding. All quite simple but aesthetic stays consistent, like the use of printing processes to bring out the logo to give a white on white finish. larvely!

Amnesty International Annual Report.

Design for the Amnesty International Annual Report by Hong Kong based TGIF. Love the variation of styles in this publication, fold out posters, newpapers and other documents give it a very interesting aesthetic. Simple and bold vectors and a very bold yet limited colour pallette, all black printing onto various stock, I think make this a very successful product.

Corporate & Brand identity for CPH GO

 More wayfinding developed for an airport from early stages of logo design and branding to the latter stages of development and implementation of the system. Interesting yet fairly sensible to see that the colour pallette for all the design was based on the sky and its many colours. Very simple type and use of huge symbols make this way finding system very easy to use, perfect for an airport.