Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Urban Gridded Notebook...

This is a notebook I found from looking at a creative blog that I assume is a little like a diary, only you plot where you have been on the map...

What is a line? Contour lines.

Contour lines connect a series of points of equal elevation and are used to illustrate topography, or relief, on a map. They show the height of ground above Mean Sea Level (M.S.L.) in either feet or metres and can be drawn at any desired interval.


Hand drawn maps! wizzoo!

Monday, 28 March 2011

More Mike Perry

More spreads from the previous years 'Holiday' magazine

Layout...Mike Perry

A series of spreads from 'Holiday' magazine by the typographic illustrator Mike Perry. I really love these spreads and I think they are relevant to my indesign layout brief based around Claudia Griffin because of her love for illustration in a similar style.

Map thing

This Image is from 'Hand Job', a book by Mke Perry looking at hand rendered type. This is a poster created in illustrator based around a sketch from the contour lines on a map.


This poster has no real relevance to anything, I just quite liked it...

Hand Job...

Typographic layouts.


nice colour combo.

Here are a few posters I found that I think are relevant to my opposites brief. Having chosen colour as my topic of focus, I think they illustrate this really nicely. Some show colour combinations, some show use of opacities and this one above shows the use of an opposite colour gradient, which I don't like so much, but it's relevant for sure.

To Do.

From the refrigerator to the computer screen, the purse to the bathroom mirror: to-dos, commands, reminders, mantras and more have graced these ubiquitous three inch squares around the world. Illegal Art took them to the street to create three installations that were assembled with up to 6,500 individual Post-its for the passerby to jot, scribble and draw their pressing, and not so pressing tasks and pearls of wisdom.

 This is a piece I found and just thought it was really interesting and relevant to our group brief in that it makes people interested by creating a statement. This is down to the scale and colour of the medium used, in this case post it notes. However this shows how something so simple can create real interest when placed within the environment