Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Research & development

Research & development
cover and layouts

Here are some really nice yet incredibly simple layouts for a swedish magazine making use of what could be described as the international typographic style. Reminiscent of modernist graphic designers. This is a style I personally really admire and think the application of it in contemporary design can be really effective.

Design stockholm

More design for a Swedish publication in a similar, modernist style. However this one makes use of a much more contemporary image layout, which appear to be placed randomly across the cover. 

Stop Making Sense 
Exhibition Catalogue & signage

Exhibition collateral making use of research and developments fairly simplistic style, one that I'm interested in applying to my own exhibition identity.

Recycling stuff...

Interesting use of a text overlay on imagery. Really vibrant blue on the bottom image however it looks as if from the top image it may have been a much paler blue. I'd be interested in finding some colours that are quite as vibrant for the design I'm doing.

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